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Patient Reviews

Anne D.
Dr. Peck was great. I had an Iovera procedure to help with pain prior to knee replacement. He spent time with me to explain the procedure ahead of time. Then during the procedure he explained exactly what to expect and what I would feel. Great experience with friendly staff.
Margaret M.
I had this procedure prior to a total knee replacement. It greatly reduced pain and need for pain medication which allowed me to focus on physical therapy and recovery. As a retired RN, I question why this procedure is not more widely utilized. Dr Peck was professional and personable. I highly recommend the use of this procedure!!!
Marilyn R.
Staff is incredibly friendly and extremely qualified. Dr. Peck is amazing, he listens and takes his time. I highly recommend this practice.
Marsha S.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Peck and Georgetown Interventional Pain. Dr. Peck is extremely knowledgeable and is very passionate about providing the best possible care to his patients. He is very skilled and analytical, and has worked diligently to pinpoint the cause of my pain. He is adept at presenting the best treatment options in a way that I can easily understand.Dr. Peck is supported by a great health care team, all of whom are very professional, responsive, and friendly.Scarlett is the clinic’s CRNA and she takes great care of me when I opt to have sedation for a procedure. I always feel completely safe and quite comfortable in her very capable hands. I especially appreciate her nurturing and compassionate nature!
kathy K.
Dr Khan is amazing. He worked me in quickly, treated my cervical radiculopathy, and was great talking me through all my options. He gave me my life back!
Regina D.
Dr Kahn is so kind and personable. I am very happy to have found him.His staff is also very nice and attentive. They took care of all my needs.
Dave P.
Great experience. The staff was very professional and friendly. Dr. Kahn was very personable and professional. Great place to get relief. Thanks
Harry J.
Georgetown Interventional Pain deserves more than 5 stars!The professional, compassionate physicians, nurses and staff provide world-class care for patients and the Georgetown area is extremely fortunate they’re here!
Kay B.
AWESOME. Wish I could take the whole staff on every procedure! Ashley is the best I have ever had for a nurse no srick pain!!
Rosa Maria V.
It was great in that Dr. Peck explained the process as he treated me. I knew exactly what he was doing.
Robert P.
Had Iovera treatment with Dr. Peck 3 weeks before full knee replacement surgery, which was 8 days ago. Initially i had some knee pain relief prior to the surgery, but after surgery I am doing fabulous. I typically have a very high level of pain tolerance, but the Iovera appears to have taken me to another level. In 8 days, I have not taken a single oxi pain pill, or even Tylenol. I am quite functional and the only discomfort I am experiencing is some muscle discomfort from doing frequent PT exercises and some discomfort at the incision. This is my 2nd knee replacement and while I did well with the 1st, I am doing so much better with the 2nd. Anyone contemplating a knee replacement should discuss the possibility of the Iovera procedure with their surgeon.
Rob P.
Dr. Khan and his staff have been amazing to work with! Had an earlier issue with a staff member, but that person no longer works there. Dr. Khan personally called me re: the earlier issue and relieved my concerns.The entire staff seem to genuinely enjoy their work and have been very cordial and yet professional during my in person appointments, as well as my follow-up phone calls. They are extremely responsive and accommodating when I've had questions or concerns.Just one example, I kept a log of my post-injection symptoms and called the office today to see if there was any way I could get that info to Dr. Khan and not wait for my virtual follow-up appointment scheduled for next week. Jennifer gladly provided me with an email address I could send my info to. She said she'd be sure to get it to Dr. Khan who was off site. I received a callback from Jennifer 30 minutes later. She told me Dr. Khan had reviewed my notes and agreed there was no reason to wait until next week. They were able to squeeze me in for tomorrow to see Dr. Khan in person.Dr. Khan's office called me again as soon as the next injections were approved by Insurance. They were once again able to squeeze me in that same week.I had a few questions for Dr. Khan before my next injections and he took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions.Dr. Khan and his staff are superb!
Ross H.
Dr. Ezekiel is amazing! I've suffering with terrible (sometimes crippling) lower back pain for years. I was referred to him by my doctor and in our first appointment, he spent 30 minutes with me reviewing my MRI, explaining his diagnosis, and outlining his treatment plan. It's extremely rare nowadays to find a doctor who doesn't just treat as you a number, but as a human and genuinely cares about your well-being. Dr. Ezekiel was invested in my recovery and his treatment has me pain free for the first time in years and I'm so thankful to him!
Carolyn & Bob S.
Having Dr. Kahn as my Pain Surgeon was probably the biggest win for me in many, many years. Recently I fell backward on river rock and broke my tailbone. The 16 week ordeal of waiting for it to heal was very painful as I struggled to be in pain for the pain to go away over that many weeks. I was introduced to Dr. Kahn from my orthopedic doctors office. My entire experience was excellent.Dr. Kahn is one of the very few doctors I have ever been to who is an excellent communicator and totally listened to what I had to say. We planned my coccygeal shot and its timing to help me with 3 trips over the next 3 months with while sitting in an airplane seat for many, many hours in hopes that the shot will last for the 3 months while my tailbone heals. I am happy to say that is exactly what has happened. At this point I am pain free. Finally the procedure by him was also done in an excellent manner!I fully recommend him on every level that I can imagine.Bob Shaw
Cheryl W.
Dr. Khan and his staff are the BEST! Dr. Khan worked with me until I am now pain free. This is after having one doctor insist I needed a hip replacement. Another Dr. gave another reason. Thank you so much, I am now able to sleep through the night and take walks without hurting and needing medication.
S. M.
I was in so much pain. I had been to many other doctors, clinics. Dr Kahn reduced my pain enough so that I can live a normal life. I got my life back.
Hilary R.
I am so grateful to have found Dr. Ezekiel and this practice. I have a complex chronic pain issue, and have been through the ringer when it comes to doctors. He really listens to me, respects my own experience of my pain, and has a great, balanced approach to pain management; this is seriously rare! Also, his staff are great, too - they're friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend him for anyone struggling with chronic pain.
Mustapha B.
Great experience, The staff and Dr Bennet Ezekiel were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr Bennet Ezekiel took his time to explain my condition as well as my treatment options. I had an awesome visit and the Doctor has really put me at ease. He has greatly with his professionalism alleviated my anxiety and therefore my pain. Thanks
Dr Khan is incredible. I had a pinched occipital nerve causing ridiculous eye pain and unexpected surges that were worse than I had ever experienced. In one appointment Dr Khan knew exactly what was wrong and knew how to alleviate it. I was skeptical and nervous but it truly was like magic. He’s a wonderful physician with a heart of gold. I’m so thankful to know him.
Karen D.
Dr Kahn performed a Vertiflex procedure on me to treat spinal stenosis He is compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. He took time to listen and discuss my concerns and provided additional information for me to review. I decided on the procedure and had a very good result which should eliminate the need for injections. The surgery center he used was fantastic. The office staff was a delight to work with and always returned calls. After such a positive experience I highly recommend Dr.. Kahn.
Sandy R.
I have been seeing Dr. Kahn for about a year for the severe continuous arthritic pain in my lower back and legs for the past six years to the point that I was almost wheelchair bound. I could not stand, sit or walk for more than 20 minutes at a time, which encompasses any daily activity. Dr. Kahn performed three different procedures that were not totally successful, but refused to give up on me. The last, being a spinal outpatient procedures was like magic. His knowledge and chairside manner is amazing and he made me feel like I was his only patient. I would recommend him highly. FIVE STARS!!!!
Dianne H.
I cannot say enough good things about this pain clinic. I was in Daily pain that was almost unbearable. It had shut down my life. These folks have got me up walking around doing things. I'm not fixed by far. But I trust what this doctor says and does with my health in my body. Thank you so much Georgetown Interventional pain clinic
Barry G
Dr. Ezekiel, thoughtful, precise, caring, responsive. Just all great qualities in a Physician. Highly recommended.
Mark S.
Been coming here for nearly a year to see Dr. Khan. He is great, takes the time to listen to me and help me understand my treatment options. Front office staff is also great and has been helpful getting appointments and prescriptions when i need them.
Michael V.
I worked with Dr. Khan on a project for him. His attention to detail and clarity reflects well on him. If he is even close to that on patients, you will be in very good hands!
John T.
Friendly and very professional staff, it's pretty cool when you meet a doctor that take really good care of you, give you a honest opinion. highly recommended.
Steve A.
I've had knee problems for years, and had to have my 2nd knee replaced a little over a year ago. But even a year later, my knee was still painful, and severely limited my everyday activities. I tried all kinds of medications, therapy, electrical stimulation, you name it. Nothing worked. I wasn't willing to do opioids long-term.That's when I switched pain doctors and went to Georgetown Interventional Pain. Doctor Kahn was thorough, and knowledgeable. He got an accurate diagnosis of what was causing pain in my knee. Then Dr. Kahn performed a procedure that significantly reduced my pain. Now I can do things I haven't been able to do for years.I highly recommend Dr. Kahn.Then I went to see
Crystal B.
The office staff here is professional and courteous. I was referred to Dr. Khan after failed attempts at other pain management for my fibromyalgia.Dr.Khan cares and takes the time to listen at every appointment and get to the bottom of your pain. He has helped me tremendously with my fibromyalgia and back pain. Highly recommend!
Marsha M.
Dr. Peck and his staff are very courteous and pr! Well run Office.Dr. Peck is friendly and caring and does all he can do to get to the bottom of my back problem. Doesn’t give up!
Patty H.
This group of professionals are incredible! Dr. Khan is brilliant.....he always has options for me as to what we can do to alleviate the pain I have. His education history is great (yes, I always check that for a new MD) . Yesterday he treated my spine by injecting Cortisone & I can feel the change already. It has put me back to a positive attitude that I've had until my pain had elevated. Dr. Khan answers all questions and always has options. I told my husband "Dr. Khan walks on water" but he is humble, patient and I Just love him.Everyone is helpful, positive & lots of smiles.....Felix, Julie, Dahlia (sp?) make me feel comfortable....they are like a family. This review is long but everyone needs to know what an incredible group at Georgetown Interventional Pain is!!!
Susan R.
Wonderful group. Dr. Ezekiel truly cares, listens and takes positive action to address all of my needs. Everyone in the office is efficient and friendly.
Donna H.
I highly recommend Dr. Peck! He has been my pain management doctor for awhile now, and has always listened to my concerns, and has helped me effectively address these through medications and the physical therapy I also do. He is attentive to the progress I am making, and to how my needs are changing as I make this progress. My experience with this doctor is unlike none others—most doctors in the past have “mansplained” everything, and downplayed my concerns. It is refreshing to be treated like the intelligent professional that I am!
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ezekiel since December of 2010. Words can’t describe how much I admire this man. He is the most caring doctor I’ve ever had. I ended up with RSD/CRPS after foot surgery, and was in excruciating pain the likes of nothing I had ever experienced. Dr. Ezekiel made room for me in his schedule and took the time to care for my needs. He listened, made a correct diagnose and got me started on the right medication. I personally feel if I had seen any other doctor, I would of been misdiagnosed and the RSD/CRPS wouldn’t ruined my life. If RSD/CRPS is not diagnosed early a person can live in serve pain for the rest of their life. Dr. Ezekiel diagnosed me with RSD/CRPS 3 days after my foot surgery, thus allowing me to live without the serve pain caused by RSD/CRPS. I’d rather take 300mgs of gabapentin 3 times a day then spend the rest of my life feeling like gas was poured on my foot and set on fire.As for my back issues, Dr. Ezekiel gets me all fixed up, then I turn around and mess it up again, that’s on me. Like Dr. Ezekiel says “you’re living life, doing what you love to do.” He is right. As long as Dr. Ezekiel is in my corner, I can continue to enjoy snow skiing, backpacking and golfing. Non of it would be possible if it weren’t for him. I own him more than he can imagine.As for the staff in the office they were nice, professional and very help, and even helped me fill out some of the paperwork. I would recommend this practice to anyone, any day of the week and twice on Sunday.