Treatment for Vertebral Compression Fractures in Austin and Georgetown, TX

One of our primary areas of specialization is in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures. These painful spinal fractures are commonly seen in the mid-back or lower back of osteoporotic patients. Sometimes the fractures occur after a fall or heavy lifting; other times they present with no particular history of compressive injury at all.

The severity of this pain frequently causes reduced mobility, sleep problems, poor appetite, and decreased pulmonary function. These problems can lead to a downward spiral of debilitation resulting in pneumonia, bedsores, UTI, and even sepsis/death.

vertibral compression fracture

Fortunately, we have an excellent treatment option which can be performed without even having to go to a hospital or surgery center. Using x-ray guidance in our office, we can precisely place a needle into the fracture. A small balloon is inserted through the needle into the fractured vertebra, then inflated. The balloon is then deflated and removed, creating a small cavity which is filled with bone cement. This usually stops the back pain quickly, while also stabilizing the vertebral body against further fracturing.

The needle is then removed, and the patient is usually discharged after another 30 minutes. Since no incisions are made, this procedure is truly minimally-invasive. Most patients notice dramatic pain relief within the first 24-48 hours.